I’ve pursued photography as a hobby, going back to my high school days long dreamed of the day when I could make a career out of it.  Well, I’ve finally decided to go for it, and I figured I may as well chronicle my journey on yet another blog. ;)

As much as I love portrait photography, I think that I gravitate more towards a documentary style, so I have decided to focus on an area that I think has, thus far, been under-served – children’s birthday parties.  I’m hoping to eventually branch out to other events, and will probably add portraiture at some point as well. So here begins phase one – sharpening my skills and building a portfolio.  I’ve shot the birthday parties of two friends’ kids so far this month (each will be getting their own post), and I’m hoping to get a few more under my belt in the next couple months before the summer comes.  If your child is having a party, preferably themed and/or outdoors, you live in the Dallas metro area, and you’re interested in some free photography, please let me know!